About Us

The purpose of A New Generation for Christ is to encourage fellow believers to truly live according to what is written in the Bible. I am on my own spiritual journey of getting to know God and His Word. I want to share with others what I am learning along the way, and I hope that it will lead you to a deeper and richer spiritual life.

I decided to call this website A New Generation for Christ because I want to encourage this current generation to be a true reflection of God’s grace and His love. Many of the people that I know that say they are Christians are a reflection of this world with a Christian label added. There is a lot of outward observance of “religious” acts without any inward change that God desires. I hope that you will also make the choice to be the new generation of believer that is a true reflection of Christ.

I am not a minister, preacher, or teacher in any official capacity in the church. I am a child of God who receives His Word from the Bible and the Holy Spirit. I do not claim to know all things of God or to be any kind of expert. Everything that I post or discuss, I will pray prior that the Holy Spirit guides it. I am human and not without error. If you find any errors or points of disagreement, please first consider Ephesians 4:29 and pray before responding. You can send comments and questions via the form on the Contact Us page.